We have new paint! The upstairs of our townhouse is finally all painted, and it feels so good! Of course, now every little nick and scratch on the downstairs paint is jumping out and punching me in the face. But there’s only like, you know, 1, 2, 10…20….*cough cough* infinite nicks and scratches on the downstairs paint.

Moving on…the hallway/stairwell has got to be one of my favorites! It’s dramatic and daring and so dark you’ll never see the fingerprints! Our previous stairwell (should have gotten a picture, sorry!) was a lovely two tone work of child art. Chalky flaky white up top and a smudgy art project in various shades of grey a steady 12 inches under the banister on both sides of the wall. Almost like chair rail or wainscoting really, the children worked hard on their creation. I’m glad they weren’t too crushed to see it go. They are appeased to know that the dark walls (resident evil walls the oldest has dubbed them, Bycemaster was pleased) will soon be displaying photos of them and their artwork (artwork I have a bit more appreciation for than the former…)

So far it looks like this


The idea is for it to eventually lean more toward this, sorry gotta actually click, not my picture! I probably won’t have them quite that low, kinda asking for it here. Though we have gone almost a year since the last picture frame break! Mostly because the recent soccer ball that jettisoned two of my picture frames to the floor managed to knock them to the carpet this time. The record stands. However, the variety of photos and art work in different mediums and the different colors and types of frames is all the hope. It will be a constant work in progress, and I’m OK with that, life is constantly evolving and changing and growing. I already have boxes of frames to start painting and filling thanks to a super generous former neighbor (you know who you are, thank you again!) I’ll post new stages as they come!

Side note, I went to see Cinderella with my sister and daughter. I actually enjoyed it! Me, the Disney hating, princess cringing me. It was pretty good and showed a strength of character not typically found in a princess movie. I’m sure there are lots of critiques to be found in it still, but I decided not to look for them. Also my daughter ran up and did this to the poster when I asked if she wanted a picture with Cinderella.


I seriously heart her. Glad she has some better princess movies than I did.