In case you missed the off hand reference to the coming hair cut last week. I’m giving it and the photo again. Look now, it is going, going, gone!
dancing with tired boy 2- CopySo back peddle with me about four years, when I first left the office to work at home. I will admit, I had a bit of an identity crisis. There were lots of things that contributed to the growing out of my hair, but looking back it really acted as a sort of security blanket. I was out in a new world, having to go out and make new friends, with women no less! That is a scary thing, for me anyway. Long hair is generally liked and accepted and non threatening in social situations. I was leaving the safe known office environment to be a woman surrounded by four little children venturing out into the unknown territory of stay at home moms. It was a tad intimidating. Side note: I’ve found this group to be largely supportive and welcoming in the circles I’ve joined, unlike their interweb counterparts…

However, all that is now in the past. I am surrounded again by a wonderful community and have been for some time now. Right about the time I was ready to go chop chop, wedding plans (of the above picture) were announced and I decided I would hold off till after. Let me tell you, if you’ve ever had doubts about doing something drastic, tell yourself you won’t for 10 months and then see how ready you are!

I was so over this hair I was literally fantasizing about shaving my own head every time I’d re-shave the littlest boy. I mean if Charlize could pull it off in Mad Max, I could do it, right?

Donating was always part of the plan, had to be some other incentive to all those years of growing it out. But unfortunately the pink was not donatable. So it had to go before the main cut. I will admit this cut was a little hard, I loved that pink. It was the only thing about my hair I liked for a while.

IMG_0675Then came the donate cut! Well actually I trimmed an inch or two off the ends first, then I did the donate cut. But here’s the ponytail that is being shipped off. Making a total of about 13 inches of old life that got chopped off my head. From there I just had fun with a razor, which was sharp. I have a nice little nick in my neck when I put it at the wrong angle, whoops! But for now there’s enough hair left to cover my neck, so like Pete the Cat, it’s all good. IMG_0676I was born before the selfie generation and have not acquired the gift. So I enlisted the help of my budding photographer to get a few shots of the new do. She was only too happy to oblige. 


The front, bang side. I believe youtube called these fringe bangs. These took quite a few tries to get right and I still think they’re kinda long, but there comes a point where you know you better stop or you really will end up with that shaved head. Thankfully they’d grown pretty long over the summer so I had a bit to work with. IMG_4062The shaved side! Some part of my fantasy was realized, buzz buzz. 
hair cut final

The front view. I super love it. It is so easy when I get up in the morning. It already looks like bed head! I feel like myself again. me and the photographer

Had to do one shot with my favorite little photographer! She did a great job again, if I do say so myself.

So now I need your help. I love the cut, but I had to cut out the color! I’ve got cobalt blue, feisty fuchsia (this was the most recent color), ultra violet, and teal (which is apparently discontinued, the link is the closest color I could find). The plan at the moment is to dip dye the ends in one of the above colors, though I’m open to suggestions on placement as well. So vote in the comment section or on facebook!

What color will it be?

I’ll post finished pics next week! Thanks guys!