It’s Monday! Look at me I’m actually writing. We are still off from school and now that the holidays are over I’ve been gleefully organizing and putting my house back in order. It still looks like a bomb went off, but it’s mostly the regular play bomb. Not much of it is the influx of stuff that nobody knows where it goes bomb. Progress people!

We had a good Christmas. We did not do near the things we usually do. No looking at major light displays, we walked the neighborhood throughout the month instead. We didn’t get to baking cookies, but that also means we didn’t eat as many! I didn’t get all the decoration out and put up, but now I have less to put away.

We didn’t do shoe boxes or volunteering this month, which I was pretty sad about. However, we did still take the kids to buy presents for people other than themselves. It has been encouraging for me to see them learn to think about the person they are buying for as they get older. It started with buying the toy they wanted and reluctantly giving it to the other person, admittedly, we still do have some of that going on. Then we moved to buying the toy they wanted, but it’s the color the other person likes! This year there was some genuine thinking of other people going on. The older ones particularly were actually buying things they noticed another person needed or had expressed a desire to have. It was encouraging for me. Especially since we did not do any of the many opportunities to give as a family that are around during the season. We will go back to volunteering next month. Learning to give is better taught as a year long lesson anyway.

Now that the holidays are done, it’s back to the grind. We are due to renew all our medical checks and back ground checks and finger prints and the like for the adoption. It’s already been a year since we were doing all that. Then it’s back to grant applications and tax season! Yippie!! Where is that sarcasm font when you need it?

But lets have some fun first. Play a game with me!

What were the top three gifts you gave and got this year?

I’ll go first.

Top three gifts I gave:

  1. The apron for my little baker
  2. The calendar of funny photos for Caroline
  3. The Skyrim soundtrack for Bycemaster

Top three gifts I got:

  1. My new running shoes
  2. My fancy new metallic and watercolor pencils for my secret garden coloring book
  3. This shirt from Bycemaster (as he is fully bearded up once again!)women_s-once-you-get-go-beard-tank-top---black

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