Happy New Year everyone! I hope you were all able to rest up after the holidays. Our vacation is over, or intermittent holiday crazy stay cation would more accurately describe it. Today is back to regularly scheduled programming. I’ll admit, yesterday I was dreading it just a little. Today I’m so happy it’s finally here! School will happen this afternoon, chores have already happened this morning. The kids are happily playing (school ironically) with each other before they have to start school this afternoon and I’m getting to sit down and get some work done.


This meme is so me it’s a tad ridiculous. Yay routines! They are back.

My physical head is still screaming that taking away our sugar was a bad bad idea. The caffeine too! You’re killing us over here! I’m on day three of a near constant headache and fatigue even though I’ve been sleeping. But it’s a dull roar today and my mental head is ecstatic! The too much excess too much sugar too little normal overwhelmed and dull feeling in my mind is finally gone.

I’m ready to tackle all this paper work and appointments again. I’m ready for everyone to have clean underwear in their room (as opposed to the dryer) again. I’m ready to not be sore after a run because it’s a normal occurrence. I’m also ready to sit down and make up some goals for the new year, as daunting as that feels this year.

So lets go!

Are you ready for the year? Still trying to get out of the holiday funk? What are your goals and hopes for the year?