First things first! We have the beginnings of a new blog design. Isn’t it nice? Isn’t it pretty? I’m liking it so far. Still needs some work, but it’s much improved over the *cough* 8 year old *cough cough* previous design.

Onto the challenge. I must confess, I am not done with last weeks challenge. Papers took me for a turn in the park. I thought we were going on a nice stroll to the neighborhood park and ended up in the Sequoia National Forest.


See that’s me, staring up at my giant pile of papers. No that’s not really me, it’s some dude over at At least I assume it’s him, I could be wrong, I didn’t really even read the article. But the picture is pretty awesome. And this rabbit trail has got out of hand.

This week we are onto DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs. Basically all flat round shiny things in your house. Since I own approximately 4 of our hundreds of movies, I am anticipating being able to finish last week and this week in one. Bycemaster will be manning the charge this week.

Anybody else get buried in papers? Anybody? Maybe it’s just me…Better luck with shiny things!

Go off and tidy!