It’s the first day of school for the public schools in our county. We start school all over the place, so pictures stick with the county for consistency’s sake.

So it’s time for first day of school pictures! Well, technically, it’s time for lunch…and school, since that’s when we start, but hey, pictures, blog, priorities people. It’s first day of school picture day, we started school two weeks ago, I don’t actually have to do school today. (We will do school today, don’t panic!)

This year our little classroom has a decidedly Charlotte Mason bent thanks to For the Children’s Sake, among other things. It also has a 5th grader, a 4th grader, a 1st grader and a kindergartner. All of those grades make me think, how is that possible? So just insert shock and disbelief after each grade as you read it.

From littlest to biggest.

We start with the kindergartner. She is still the easiest to photograph. Just steps right up and smiles. This was the first picture, I took more so she wouldn’t feel left out when I had to take a hundred of the rest. She is very excited to be in kindergarten this year. Isn’t she cute?


Next is our 1st grader. He is excited to add math on the computer to his schedule this year. The older two can’t understand why. He was glad this years’ pictures were better than last years. He remembers being sad (I do too), none of us could remember why. I bet I blogged about it. Oh look here it is.  I didn’t know what it was then either, but OMG they were so little! Even the big ones, how did that happen!?!?IMG_4838

Next is our 4th grader. She has a stock picture smile this year. Better than her refusing to smile, but I still hope someday to catch the real smile! She is still in third grade math for a few more weeks (we switched curriculum about 6 weeks in last year) so she doesn’t actually believe she is in 4th grade yet. But she is, cause I said so, and I’m the teacher and the principal!


Finally we have our 5th grader! Their math considers this middle school, I do not. Everyone is elementary school for one more year according to me! I don’t know that there is anything he is looking forward to about school, but he still likes it better than being away at school all day. He is a homebody, I can relate. Also he is a giant. Notice how far above that door handle he is? Next year he’ll be through the roof. IMG_4852

Here we have them all together! You can see every one’s face! They are mostly smiling! Disregard shifty and/or closed eyes, there is not sign in front of anyone’s face or a single butt to the camera. I take what I can get people. IMG_4862

I better go actually do that school thing now! So far we are still enjoying our new school year, and I want to find out what happens next in the book, it was just getting really good last week!

Happy first day to all you starting today and happy continuing for those who already started!