I’m back! As many of you know, we were awarded a matching grant last month, yay! So in setting it all up, I get to write more essays! Yay! You would think, as a writer, I would enjoy that part the most about all of this. But as some famous writer I can never remember said. “I do not enjoy writing, I enjoy having written.” To which I say amen! I’m also feeling rusty and my essays are sounding like a form letter. Since there’s nothing I love more than sounding like just like everyone else #sarcasmfont I decided to brush up a bit on my writing with some practice. You lucky readers get to be the recipients of said practice, aren’t you excited?

There’s been so much going on here, at home, and here, in the country that it’s been hard for me to put all I’m feeling about it into words. Between all the family health struggles that are just now beginning to resolve to all the crazy politics in this country, it’s just been easier to keep mum. I’m at a loss to share the impact of the former and there’s been too much said all ready about the later.

So instead, let’s look at pictures! Those are fun right?

We had a sweet friend offer to take pictures for us so I can update our adoption profile book (because yes it’s been THAT long already). We had a little fun and ended up with things like this one, which has become a new family favorite.


I’m Mrs. Incredible, or Elastigirl if you prefer. For the record, Grant was punching himself, but the effect if AMAZING. Think I can use this for our cover photo on our profile book? Probably not the most appropriate, but I love it nonetheless. Speaking of not quite appropriate, but awesome photos…


Ladies and gentlemen I’m raising the next William Wallace. Let’s just not take that analogy too far now. This photo is just so incredibly him, I ❤ it so much. It was approved for your viewing pleasure, he loves it also. Which just makes it even better.

We actually got quite a few really good, and even appropriate, pictures of Jacob, but he wanted to share this one.


If it’s not too clear from the still shot, he is pretending to run away. The face you can’t see was hilarious, as he is no Professor Quirell and Voldemort (thank god) you’ll have to imagine it. He was very much enjoying that his part was done for the moment.


Here’s Jena’s selection. She vetoed mine, but this one is just as good and also very much her.


Last, but not least. Here we have a sweet picture of sibling affection. What you don’t see is the face of protest from the one on the bottom or the fact that he pulled them with him when they tried to push him down. But as “upset” as he was over it, they really were all having fun. They love each other, they really love each other!

Thanks for letting me practice on you all! I suppose I should go off and finish my essays now! See you all soon!