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a brief baby update and a big girl dances

I’m breaking radio silence. Briefly. We (read I) have dealing with a bit of an emotional upheaval the last few weeks and have not really been in the frame of mind to write. Things are still sort of in limbo and I’ll share more when we know what’s going on, but for now.

Here’s our brief update

We heard from  one of the other grants, and we were declined. This one was kinda of expected because they prioritize their money to people with no children first. But it was an easy application and we went for it anyway, oh well.

I had a birthday, it was low key and nice. The kids got me blue hair, new pens, rubber grippers (for those pesky jars my sore hand has been having trouble with lately) and straws with spoons on the end. Minus that last one, which I’m pretty sure was just for them, the others were all very thoughtful and insightful gifts for me. Maybe they are listening more than I realize. I also got a beautiful new journal from Bycemaster, very much looking forward to that.

Our Jena had her dance recital this weekend as well. She was in dance when she was in preschool, but preschoolers just kinda sway back and forth and spin in a circle for their recitals. This was actually real dance and she did amazing. I’ll claim credit for her love of dance, but she got her physical ability from her daddy. Just to clarify Bycemaster used his in sports, I’m sure he’d like you to know, same difference to me! Regardless, it made a good combo 🙂

Here she is afterwards.


That’s all for today! We gotta run, ’tis the season!

carseat dancing

I really needed this tonight, so I decided to pay it forward. I hope it helps your night too.

Video taken with Jewel, thank you again Kristi.

feel the burn

I started working out. It was not a New Year’s Resolution. It just ended up that way. Since this is the last kid popping out of my body, I figured it’s time to get back in shape. It’s back to the dance days for me! ABS OF ALUMINUM FOIL BABY! I mean…ah…er…STEEL!  Jacob was born in September, 6 weeks recovery, a few weeks to transition back to work, thanksgiving, christmas, new years and BAM here I am working out.

What am I doing you ask? What am I doing….hmmm…can I even say. I cringe to think I’m going to have to answer that question, which is of course why I’m putting it on THE INTERNET.

I signed up for Jazzercise. *cringe*

There I said it. Maybe you’ve heard of it, ’cause your GRANDMA takes classes there! I am so not the demographic that does this. I wanted to take a dance class. But I haven’t dance since before the FIRST kid. To say I’m in shape would be a joke, and my flexibility is laughable. I’ve been in the dance crowd, there was no way I was going back the way I am right now. Jazzercise is close enough to dance and I told myself I’d do it for one year, then I’d sign up for dance classes.

Saturday morning I signed up. I stayed to the back of class and tried to follow along. It wasn’t too difficult to pick up, though it was clearly my first time. Having just read Three sets of ten on  and having NO DESIRE to look like a chocolate-flavored Blow Pop having a seizure, I decided to take it easy.

Which wasn’t to hard. To be honest I had a harder time beating down the voice in my head screaming THIS IS SO NOT COOL! But I am an adult, I don’t have to be governed by the rules of cool anymore…right?

Two days later I’m back. Monday night, home all day with the kids, to say I was highly motivated to get out would be an understatement. New instructor, a few possibly pre-menopausal women, the night was looking up. The routine was easier to pick up this time around, and with the volume up and only one country song to deal with, I actually found myself getting into it. About half way through I realized I was having too much fun, I needed to tone it down, but by then I was already into it, I couldn’t stop, the momentum was going, and an hour later I thought, I AM GOING TO DIE TOMORROW.

still can’t believe I caught this on video

You just have to watch it. I’m not giving the clif notes version for all you slackers this time. He’s adorable and hilarious. Just watch it.

white boy’s dancing little brother

So this is a video of Jacob dancing. But just about everything else besides the dancing is why I like this video.

You can’t even tell there’s music on for like the first 10 seconds, and poor Neil and Jacob just look increasingly awkward. And then near the end your suspicion that Grant is running around in only a shirt are confirmed with his very loud “CAN YOU HELP ME GET MY PANTS ON? CAN YOU HELP ME MOMMY?”

Jacob seems amused with our little stunt in the beginning, but lost interest quicker than we did…there were a few more dancing Jacob videos taking after this one…

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