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We’ve made a few diet changes around here recently (in the last 6 weeksish). We are attempting to substantial limit our refined foods (basically to when we are not at home) and add more plants into our diet, fruits, veggies, beans, legumes (look a new word I got to teach my family), seeds, nuts, and the like. This has meant most of the meals I had actually learned to cook over the last year, (since I’ve only been cooking since we took Grant off gluten/dairy almost a year ago) are no longer optimal.

For my personality, this was actually exciting. I get bored with the same thing over and over, and had felt like I’d actually gotten the style we’d been eating down to a science. So getting to learn a whole new realm of cooking has been exciting, though not without its pitfalls. Main pitfall being it took over a month for us to have a dinner anyone would actually request again. Can we say learning curve?! But I am discovering so many foods I’ve never cooked before to try, some of them I didn’t even know existed, exciting! I love new foods. Quinoa would be one of those I didn’t know existed, it’s a seed, that functions similar to a rice or pasta. I’m hoping that was news to at least some of you too!

After finally finding a winner I decided I had to share successes with all of you, someone needs to benefit from all that trial and error! So here is the first one we had at least one kid devour, no one refuse to eat, and Neil and I both would request again. It’s originally from the book Eat to Live, though I am posting my slightly modified version below.

It is a bit labor intensive, which is why I tried it on a weekend first, but we were able to eat it all week (I also put the veggie mixture on my lunch salads and it was really good) so it made it worth while for me. Plus it just tasted so good!

Vegetable Bean Burris

2-3T water

(All vegetables below chopped)

1 head broccoli

1/2 head cauliflower (had already used ours, so I left this out)

2 carrots

2 red bell peppers

1 zucchini

1 onion

4 garlic cloves

1 1\2 T all spice seasoning (recommends low or no salt variety)

1t dried basil

1t dried oregano

1t dried parsley

1c raw cashews

1/2c soy, hemp, or almond milk (we used almond)

1 1/2c pinto beans (1 can rinsed)

6 whole wheat tortillas or 6 large romaine lettuce leaves (works better than you’d think!)

Place the water in a saute pan or large pot and add all ingredients except cashews and milk. Saute for 15 mins or so until veggies are tender, add more water if you need it to prevent burning (learn from my mistakes!). While that is cooking put cashews and milk variety in food processor or blender (we have no food processor so blender it was) and blend until smooth. Add to the veggies and mix. Then scoop it onto your tortillas or lettuce leaves and enjoy!

This recipe is dairy and soy free however you do it, gluten-free if you use lettuce leaves instead of the tortilla or hard shells like we did for Grant and over all very low in calories, especially if you use the lettuce. A completely guilt free pleasurable meal, now how many of those have you had?

Hope you all enjoy!


redefining chunks as awesome!

My parents recently got back from visiting my sister in Korea. She sent home with them two of her favorite teas. This is one.

Don’t let the little floating things fool you, it is amazing. I was initially unsure if I was supposed to eat the chunks or not. I mean generally speaking, here, in America, chunky stuff in your tea…not a good sign. But who am I to question another cultures’ custom? So eat them I did. Turns out they were walnuts, and I now have another favorite tea. Thanks Kristi!

food wins

As anyone whos’e spent time around small children can testify, food has great potential to become Armageddon, minus the fire (I do not give my children access to fire), x including the meteors. With that in mind, I would like to document some recent food wins. Some may feel this is me gloating, I assure you it is not. This is me documenting the existance of miracles, for my own future unbelief. There will come a day, tomorrow, when one of the three will refuse to eat everything they’re offered and I need to have proof that miracles do happen. Here goes.

We made pasta with beans and tomoatoes on Saturday night, and only one kid complained. Jacob ate two helpings and started a third. This is also a miracle because I cooked it. It required chopping garlic and onions and using canned tomatoes, all things never done in this house before (minus the onions I do love me my onions).

I have finally made a hummus lover out of one of the kids! Jacob and I shared carrots and hummus saturday. I didn’t even care that he kept double dipping his slobbery carrott using it more like a shovel than food itself. He ate hummus, and he liked it! I am finally not the only hummus eater in the house. Those BOGO Publix deals will no longer push the edge of expiration in my fridge, score!

And that is all, for now. However, I just signed up for the gluten free emeals plan last week. So I will either have more wins or a slew of horror stories for you soon. So far we’re one win, one normal (complaints and picking out what they like). But at least something of both was eaten, so that’s two wins in my book. Stay tuned.

week 2 progress

Quick update on the sexyback11 challenge.

Today is the end of week two. I went down another 2.5 LBs this week! woo hoo! So excited. Half way to that goal. On the work out front, I’m rediscovering how difficult this is to work into parenting life. So I’ve changed my strategy a bit. I did get one workout with system, then I swam with the kids and walked once. Still trying for more, but anything is an improvement, I’m happy!

Eating out, well let’s not talk about that. But I’ve gotten really good deals! And I’ve eaten half the portions I usually do, so I’m following the spirit of the goal…right? Yeah. That’s it. Spirit is good.


I have been meaning to post for weeks about my plans to start exercising again, you know the plans that I have totally not done anything about because they have only been in my head. We went away for our anniversary (a bit late, but I take what I can get!) in April and as usual with these things I came back with a few extra LBs, if you know what I mean. A few *cough* hundred peanut m and m’s later and that few has turned into eight extra LBs. I know what you’re thinking, it’s just eight pounds, what’s the big deal? The big deal is those sneaky little buggers like to invite their friends and party and then they become squatters and do you know how hard it is to evict squatters? I ain’t going there.

Enter divine providence.

I follow Carlos Whittaker on twitter @loshwit, he’s an artist, pastor, thinker, experience architect, and Web 2.0 junkie who apparently half the people I follow, also follow…so I found out from the challenge I’m about to introduce you to. He decided to call a I’m bringing sexy back Its summer and I can take my shirt off in public challenge. And while I have no intensions of walking around topless in public, as much as certain members of this family may enjoy it (the nurslings! what were YOU thinking…), I believe I can participate in the spirit of this challenge.

So here’s the deal. It’s a 12 week challenge, ending on labor day. I have to post progress every Thursday for whatever it is I’m tracking. I’m tracking three things for this challenge.

weight loss

regular exercise

eating dinner at home

First goal is easy, just want to get the eight pounds back off, I’ll post how much I lost each Thursday. However, you will just have to take my word for it, I am NOT posting a picture of the scale, like some people

Second goal is exercising three times a week. Since Florida didn’t get the memo about it still being spring, I’m going to use my x-box kinect trainer for this challenge, in the A/C. It has a life time calorie burn tracker, I am only at like 200, yeah sad, I know. So I’ll post a screen shot of my current calorie burning progress to prove I’ve been doing something.

Third goal is honestly going to be the hardest for me, but it must be done. I am committing to eating out or bringing in food for family meals no more than 3 times a month (does not include dates). Man that hurts just writing it. For health, allergies, and budget (which is soon to be reduced), I have to make this work. I have no idea how I’m going to prove this one…ideas?

Now here’s where you come in! I need a reasonable calorie goal for a week. I want to prove I’m doing something, but let’s not get crazy here. So please post in the comments what you think is a good goal. I’m also open to ideas to prove the eating out goal, you all are creative, get on it.

So there you have it. I’ve said it out loud (even though it was really only in my head, love that). Hold me accountable you people. It is time to shine! errr…burn! errr…Sprocket!

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