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quick update on day 15 of the experiement

My phone number is attached to a working phone again. It is a super fancy new Motorola Razr flip phone, except not as new or as fancy as the one I linked. Anybody remember those? The guy who switched my number at the AT&T store, while being totally incredulous that I was going from a iPhone 5c to Razr, was quite nostalgic over the awesomeness of my new retro phone. He used to LOVE my phone guys, focus on the love, not the used to, ahem. Anyway we switched the number on Sunday and I have received a total of 4 text messages, 3 of which were from AT&T requesting feedback on my service and 1 phone call, which was a wrong number. I initiated 1 text, in response to the 1 text that was not spam. I clearly missed the phone function. But if you had my number and you want to call me, you can! I still probably won’t answer, because let’s be honest, in a house full of kids, I rarely ever did anyway. But I’ll see that you called and text you back…from the iPad! I never texted much before my iPhone days, I am remembering why. But you can text me! I’ll see it, you’ll just never know, cause I probably won’t respond! See how much better this is than me having no phone? But the upside is, I no longer have to pay for a data plan, because even with a dead phone, the data plan must exist, until my line had a dumb phone attached. So I am extremely grateful for my dumb phone, seriously, thank you to the friend that gave it (you know who you are!)

So the synopsis is, I can now make an emergency call to Bycemaster and not have to bother our 911 peeps. It’s also cheaper for me, and not so different for you! Sorry for all the people that feel inconvenienced by my no smart phone status (whose names I will omit to protect the innocent (I’m using innocent loosely here)). Also there’s been at least one instance where I missed the camera on my phone, and multiple instances where my children did. Who knew they were so attached to being photographed? I’m also beginning to sorely miss my music on my runs, they are endurable, but I want to fly, not endure.

That is all.


and the rain came down

It’s not even funny. There’s a bag of rice on my counter, with a cursed little device in it. It’s going to stay in the bag for at least today, and possible tomorrow, depending on when I want to face it.

At this point, four phone fixes in, in a few short months, it’s embarrassing. I feel like I’m getting pay back for all those teenagers I judged in my years and years of no phone issues. Is the universe trying to tell me something, and I’m just not getting it? I mean come on.

Jena and I were out for a run. It was supposed to rain most of the night, there was a break (this is Florida) so we went for it. About half way through the flood gates let loose, we were drenched in minutes. My phone was in my belt, which is at the very least water resistant (I’ve rain in rain with it multiple times), but this was a torrential downpour and either direction we go we’re about the same distance from home. So on we go. About 8-10 minutes from home my phone cuts out and I dig it out of my belt and it’s swimming in water.

I thought lightening made me run fast (which by the way had not started yet), but a dead phone took the cake. I have never run so fast, we made it home and dripping water everywhere I threw my phone in rice. Neil patted it dry and resubmerged it and there it sits still. Taunting me.

The irony is (cause yes there’s more!) when buying cases I was debating between two highly recommended durable cases and opted for the one I got because it had good reviews for drops, and it has survived multiple drops! I didn’t get the waterproof one because so many reviews talked about how much of a hassle it was. It seemed to make the phone almost unusable, and I like to use my phone. So I said, out loud, well I’m not worried about water, and clicked buy on the other one.

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