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merry christmas

The Christmas season is officially over for this Byce family this year. It was an amazingly unstressful and even enjoyable Christmas season as far as these busy seasons go. Our house now looks  like an Apple commercial what with the two iPhones, iPod and now an iTouch (kids) and iPad (Neil) all we need now is the macbook air…anybody? But to counter all the screen time the big kids also got bikes and Jacob got a push/ride car. It was really fun watching the kids this year, I have a feeling it’s only going to get better.

A few highlights.

My mom LOVED the picture calendar we got her and her jewelry box, double win. I’ve never been so gratified with what we got her, our notoriously difficult to buy for person. Totally worth the time spent in creation.

Skyped in my sister for another year. Remember that part in the big ball ride at Epcot, where the grandparents are this holographic image on a screen for a kid’s birthday? Yeah every time we skype her in for an event, I feel like I’m on that ride. It’s the world of tomorrow. It just amazes me how the kids are so natural with it. Jena opens a present from Titi and the first things she does is bring it up to ‘Titi’ and show her what she got. Heck we forgot to do that half the time. Jacob was warming right up by the end of the event and kept coming up to the netbook to ‘chat.’ It was nice to have her there.

Grant managed to get a present that scares his sister at just about every Christmas this year, he finds this hilarious. Those in proximity of the ensuing screaming…not so much. I was getting flashes of my future with every ensuing scream.

I think my favorite gifts of the kids’, not that I’m playing with them…or anything…like that…really. Yeah, so my favorites are the interactive map of the United States for Grant and Jena and Jena’s dress up hanbok from Korea. I love that when Grant was playing with the map this morning he kept hitting all the states over and over and then looked up and said to me, but where’s Africa mommy? And watching Jena prance around in her hanbok and tiara and princess shoes was too fun. I was always Korea when we would do any sort of dance representing nations in my dance group, it’s really neat to see my daughter in the same type of outfit I wore.

I loved all my presents this year, but I think the best of all was the news that we have a renter, 100% official, lease signed. He will be moving in on the 22nd of January, which means we will be moved out 28days or less.

Merry Christmas to me.


time will change your heart

I’m sitting on the floor playing blocks with Jena and Jacob and I have Jewel (my iPod) playing through the stereo. It’s been playing for a while with no response when all of a sudden Jena looks up.

Jena: Mommy was dat song?

Me: That’s blindside Jena

Jena: binside

Me: Why? Do you like that song?

Jena: YEAH!

God I love this kid.

Here’s the song she liked. Sorry it’s not an actual video, but you still get to hear the song.

Rock on Jena. Rock on.

laundry. pain. iPod!

It’s been a while, I KNOW. We went to my in-laws this past weekend, and I did not prepare the week before like I should have. Not even my new super charged exercised self could fly through this week unscathed. I have been drowning in every way imaginable. Thankfully we left the house clean, not that you’d be able to tell now…I’ve also had to go out every night for one thing or another…and then there’s the laundry, OH MY WORD. You don’t skip a week around here without paying for it. Think about it. There are five. Add up all the clothes we’ve worn in a day, especially a cold one, and you’ve got almost an entire load…right there. That doesn’t include towels, and sheets, and baby blankets…all of which are quite nasty and being used anyway I might add.  Thank God for my MIL who washed the kids PJs while we were up there or they would have frozen to death the past few nights. When a kid wakes up telling you they’re wet, even I won’t reuse the jammers.

There is an up side to the laundry fiasco though! I discovered I now fit in my size 6 work pants. Yippie! Though saying they fit is really stretching it a bit, they did zip AND  button. I rest my case. It was 30 degrees out there, even their ‘fit’ was better than a skirt.

On a totally random note I realized why my knees, ankles, legs in general have been hurting me so much lately. I was thinking it was the exercising or maybe the weather or maybe I pulled something or Jacob’s just getting heavier or….Gpt any guesses?

Shoes. It was my shoes. I only had one pair I could wear after I got the tattoo at Christmas and I just kinda kept wearing them, even after it healed. The problem is they’re semi-cute shoes, and any woman can tell you that any kind of cute shoe is trouble. Looks like it’s back to the butt ugly sketchers…boo.

In other news. My rock awesome sister bought me the new iPod nano. I’m totally stoked. I don’t get this kind of jumpy giddy excited very often, but I tell you I am jumpy giddy excited. And she bought it just because. Because she’s awesome and I’m awesome and you wish she was your sister but she’s not, she’s mine, all mine I tell you. Moving on.

This thing does EVERYTHING.  It’s rock awesome red, because part of the proceeds were donated to Project Red that helps fight AIDS in Africa which just makes it more awesome. I’ve named her Jewel, she’s charging next to me as we speak. I have a feeling you may be hearing about her again.

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