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Happy Birthday Jacob boy!

We celebrated a birthday over here this weekend. The littlest boy in the house is now six. SIX. That’s like a whole new category of kid, he’s no longer little. The last week he was five I think I told him he was only 5 about 100 times. Only 5, you are still only 5. But no more, he is officially 6 now.

Dear Six year old boy,

You have been eagerly anticipating this birthday. This is the year I told you quiet time could go away and you could having reading time downstairs with the big kids instead. You are thrilled, I am dealing.

You have learned so many new things this year. You overcame your fear of putting your head under the water and lo and behold you swam. Right away, first lesson I did with you and you were getting your head above water. You spent the rest of the summer turning yourself into a fish. Pool time this year has been amazing for all of us, you were my last non swimmer and now you are a fish, we have had lots of pool time. You also learned to ride a two wheeled bike this year. Various adults and big kids had ran with you and that little bike at the beginning of the year, but just a month or so ago it clicked and off you went. You are also reading now. Though you and I are of different opinions on this. You have not taken off and hit your stride yet like your brother and sister so you do not believe you are reading. The stack of books you have read continues to grow however and I believe you can. Watching you realize it yourself is something I am very much looking forward to in this next year of your life. I cannot wait to see what things will grab your attention once you realize you can pick up any book and read it.

I do not think I can adequately express how much you are loved. I am not sure I am even going to try this year. To put it in your terms, we love you even more than you love your beary, who had to come down and sit with me this morning while you were playing cops with your brother. I suppose there is some little boy left in their yet.

Much love,


Just a mini photo real of my boy, my personal favorite is the last one. This kid has personality šŸ™‚


a new year a new leaf

So I came on here to write about how the irony of rocking out to Beastie Boys’ IntergalacticĀ (wow that was a crazy video I missed with no MTV as a kid) down the highway in my mini van full of children made me grin like an idiot. To show our pictures of the kids seeing snow for the first time, actually taken with the real camera! To just generally gush the gratitude I feel at the amazing gift of a virtually free vacation in a time when it would not have happened otherwise.

Then I opened chrome and WordPress was not one of the 6 most recently viewed webpages….again. When I was doing my yearly goals this January (December is too crazy, I give myself all of January) I put the blog on there, again. Cause really if I’m going to do something, I want to actually do it, not just feel guilty about not doing it. However, I know from experience that something vague like “the blog” is never going to inspire anything more than guilt over inaction, I need something specific and measurable.

HELP ME PLEASE! Those of you that read this or any blog, how often do you like them to update? Is once a week often enough? Everyday good or too much? Anything in particular you are looking for? More writing? Less writing, more photos? Recipes? Acrobatics? Magical robots that cook and clean and do laundry? OK I already know the answer to the last one is YES! I feel like I’ve been out of this writing world for so long I don’t know what’s what anymore. So help me set my 2015 blog goal, it’s only mid February and hey there’s always time for a fresh start right? šŸ™‚

But I’ll still leave you with some photos so I can procrastinate on our adoption photo book just a little longer! Why of why do I do these things to myself, le sigh.

He'd actually seen snow before, his one up on the big kids. But this is the first he'll remember :)
He’d actually seen snow before, his one up on the big kids. But this is the first he’ll remember šŸ™‚
You can barely even see the snow in this pic, but trust me, she could
He was so pumped
Also my 6 year did this. She wasn’t even big enough to go up on her own, but she owned it. I was shocked (shouldn’t have really, this is so her) and asked the guy if this was normal, he said he’d never seen a kid her size run them all so easily. I ā¤ her.

for the three of you that want this

I’m blogging! First post of the year! Wahoo, it’s only…*cough cough* june…that starts with the same letter as january, give a girl a break…

There is a new computer in the house, or I should say there is a computer in the house (a free one, thanks baby!) We have been mostly a tablet family for a while now. Which honestly, I love, for most everything, but NOT for blogging. More importantly though, there is a new keyboard! I feel like that line in Fools Rush In, you are everything I never knew I always wanted, dramatic pause as I make out with my new keyboard, not really…probably. Seriously though, the ability to think and type the words at virtually the same speed, it’s a writers dream. Notice how I snuck that writer in there, I did it, I called myself a writer. Now don’t get me wrong I can thumb type a text almost as fast as a teenager, but after a doing a few posts like that, it gets old, fast. There is also virtually no editing, even I don’t enjoy my mental diarrhea with no editing. So as I’ve claimed more times than I’d like to look back up on this blog and count, I’m blogging again! We are going to blame the previous meager diet I’ve been feeding you on a tools issue. It was lack of a good keyboard. Totally. Really. I feel this is totally legit. I should perhaps stop trying to convince you. I’m trying to hard aren’t I? But I just can’t stop writing on this beautiful keyboard, ladadadadad, I don’t even care what it says. Ok perhaps this is not a good thing, hmmm…topic…yes…that would be good.

Our first year of homeschooling has come and been completed! The first day of summer when the kids turned to me and said “so we’re homeschooling now right?” was just over a year ago. Let me just say I LOVE THIS. I know this sounds trite, but I actually feel I was made to do this. There is finally a purpose and use for all those previously useless facts my brain seems intent on picking up everywhere I go. I can now implant them in little people brains ALL DAY. It makes this homeschooling thing so fun. Everywhere we go, everything we do can turn into a learning experience. If I don’t already know about where we are going or what we are doing, i get to learn it right along with them (you know everything, but spelling, there is really no hope for me there, know thyself). It’s this little IB nerds dream. Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our fair share of tears and whining and I don’t want to do this, but we had that almost daily before, this is mass improvement.

Reading. OMG. It’s an incredible high for me watching my children read. Grant was already able to read virtually anything before, but now he will actually pick up chapter books, of his own will, read them and enjoy them! Jena could not read at all last year, and as much patience as it required to sit with her as a beginning reader everyday and read, it has totally paid off listening to her rattle off her books to the ‘little kids’ all day, where ever we are. It is absolutely amazing to me, to watch the process of learning and loving to read. Jacob is just now starting and we are up to 16 site words and every time he gets one right I’m not sure who is more excited me or him. It thrills me to no end. I’m looking forward to this next year. We are going to have a writing focus for the coming year, I can’t wait to see if I have a little budding writer in the ranks. Who knows what their creative minds will come up with. I can not wait to find out!

signs of a baby turning big boy

See that scribbling? It is no longer all over the page in random circles with no heed paid to lines already drawn on the page.

He has graduated to concentrated scribbling.

My baby is gone.

sacreligious? nah

Disregard my messy room as I follow around our latest little American Idol contestant (not that I even watch that show). But don’t disregard the poop talk, that’s why you come here, is it not? I have disappointed on that front for a while. Many apologies. But now you are getting poop talk mixed with the Bible, that’s pureĀ sacrilegiousĀ gold, am I right? Don’t give me that look, God laughed.

I haven’t subjected you all to videos of my adorable children (unbiasedĀ opinion!) in a while so enjoy the crap out of this one, punĀ intended!

click here! now! do it! you know you want to!

Side note when I finally did give in to his demands to ‘see it mommy’ at the end, he found his own poop singing quite hilarious. Wish I could have recorded that.

hair cuts

I gave Jacob his first haircut this week. It has taken me until yesterday to recognize him as my baby. He looks so different. When Grant for saw him after school he laughed his head off and said that was not his brother. Then five minutes later as they were playing, he yells out, mommy it sounds like Jacob, but it doesn’t look like him!

He is very proud of new look, and I must say I am too. For a semi wiggly two year old haircut, I think I did a pretty good job.

A bit puffed up with my success, I decided to go for Grant’s hair too. Tonight we gave Grant a faux hawk. Totally his idea I might add. I was going for a shorter messy look and he said he wanted it all up in the middle. It was a little short for that by the time he told me, but we made it work.

I can tell he likes it, but he’s also self conscious about it. He’s concerned everyone else will not like it, except Papa and Nana. He’s pretty sure they will like it, but they like anything and everything he does, I think he’s safe there. He’s already got plans to flatten it for school, he doesn’t think his teachers will like it. If you see him, don’t you dare laugh. I’m proud of him for stepping out, it’s hard for him. And he looks adorable!

Maybe it’s time for Jena’s first haircut, I’m on a roll.

When did your kids get their first haircut? Two years too? Older? Younger?

My first parent Halloween

I know what you’re thinking. Hasn’t Grant been around for a few Halloween’s already? You are a smart one. Yes, he’s been around for six actually. This year, however, was the first year he, and therefore parent me, has ever done anything on Halloween. We never celebrated it before because…well…we could get away with it. The kids were too little to even know it existed and there was no school to teach them otherwise and it was just one less thing I had to do. I have three children, I have enough to do.

This year however was different. This year, not only was Grant in school, but we lived in a neighborhood with kids, lots of kids. I didn’t have candy, which meant we had to get out. So we got everyone all dressed up and we left. Here we are having just arrived at Tijuana Flats to get our free kids meals for having the kids in costumes.

Side note: I thought Halloween was supposed to be the fun easy holiday? I had to fight the kids tooth and nail to get their costumes on, and more than half were mad at me by the end. Also I have never heard so much screaming and crying in one place as I did at Tijuana Flats that night from all the happily costumed children.

After dinner however, cowboy perked up,

Mr. Incredible decided he didn’t look stupid without his mask (since he cut up the one I made him because he ‘looked stupid’ in it, then threw a fit when we left because he didn’t have a mask!), the ghetto alterations I made to Korean Princess’s hanbok had fallen out (yes I did use a heavy duty paper clip to alter it),

and we were on our way to a festival! (still too early to go home, we might have actually had tricker treaters) So the kids got one handful of candy each, which they thought was great. A whole handful! I got like ten pieces! Oh the beauty of ignorance. They also jumped, slid, and climbed their heart out on all the inflatables. They had a total blast, so much so that Jena let out her signature ear-piercing scream when she realized we were leaving. Which was heard, and drew stares, even over the blasting music and other screaming children. Yes, my three-year old was able to scream louder than 100+ screaming children combined, that is talent. It’s too bad I can’t use that to power the house, energy!

And I will leave you with an audio clip, that is actually a video clip you can see nothing on. Jacob was saying ‘ticky teet!’ the whole car ride from the restaurant to the festival (all 4 mins). What you’re getting is all he would give me once the camera was on. If you listen past the ‘poopie’ you can hear it one time, it’s adorable and totally worth the almost 30 seconds it took to get it out of him again. You’re welcome.


happy birthday #2 to baby #3

Dear Jacob,

Two years ago today you thrust our family out of the American norm of two kids per family. For that we are grateful, who wants to be normal anyway? I’d much rather have you.

one, two, three

You try so hard to keep up with your brother and sister, you want to do everything they do, even things they can’t do. You run circles with them playing monster, and I must say your monster is very impressive, you scare all the little baby girls. You push your little chair around the whole house so you can reach things and ‘help.’ You are on the go.

action shot from our surfer boy

You did decide you were two about two months ago. We hear lots of ME TOO and NOOOO and MYS (mine’s), though you are still fairly quick to correct when I actually correct you. Your little words are pouring out these days, most people still think you’re talking baby babble, but we know what you mean. My favorite thing you say right now is ‘nite mommy,’ every night when I tuck you in. It’s clear as a bell I often wonder if it was one of the other kids, but it’s just my baby boy getting big.

You get so excited to see the bus every morning when we drop off Grant, and then you’re sad when he goes away on it, not consoled until I remind you he’ll be home when you get up from your nap. Then it’s a whole new excitement when we go to get him, you get a bus and Grant! You love to see pains (planes) and birs (birds) anytime we are outside, your excitement is contagious, even your brother and sister find them interesting again when you’re around. You have a smile and laugh that light up a room the same way you’ve lit up our lives.

you light up even dirty rooms

You make me love your daddy more each day. You may look like me (according to some), but you act like him. We all know your sweet little demeanor didn’t come from me. I didn’t know love could be this easy.

We all love you baby boy, mommy, daddy, Gant, and Nena.

Happy second birthday.

blowing out the birthday candles






first day of school

First day of kindergarten, do I really need to say more? I don’t have the energy to go into all the bus/school saga that has been going on around here, but it all came to a head today…and then someone chopped that head off…only then to realize that head was mine! So I ran around all day without it only to find it again at 5 and it had a headache, sigh. I’m ready for bed now, but the kids are still messing around and my recently reattached head does not want to deal with it.

Today’s hi’s and low’s at the dinner table.

Grant: my faborite part of the day was playing at the park at school. My sad part was not having a lot of time to play after school (pouty lip)….oh wait no no, my faborite part wasn’t the park, that was just a really good part, it was seeing mommy at my bus stop after school and not having to walk home (sweet smile).

Jena: my favorite part was taking Grant to school! Dat was soooo much fun! (uber excited face) My sad part is daddy not home, he still in Cororado (sad face).

Jacob: Gant! scooo! daddy! (shovels eggs into his mouth…yes we had eggs for dinner)

And of course a few pictures.

getting ready to take Grant to school
Are you excited Grant?
off we go

And he did great. For as nervous as he was the few weeks prior, he woke up back in command this morning. He was completely fine, and I am completely exhausted. May I please be excused?

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