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It’s still Monday! I didn’t forget! Well I did forget, but I remembered again before it was technically too late. We’re calling this a solid WIN.

I just spent 30 minutes dancing with my daughter to all her favorite picks on Dance Central. My word, she likes the active ones that make you get low to the ground. It’s a little harder to get that low when you’re so much higher off the ground kiddo! I’m skipping any other work out today. It is finished. But it did succeed in waking my brain up enough to remember this, so it’s all good.

Quick adoption update! Not much has changed, still sick of talking about this photobook, hopefully not much longer. We are through with the first round of edits. We had to take a few more pics, add some more verbiage and just shuffle a bit. Over all the editor really liked it. I have a few more things to go over that I received in an email this morning and then tonight I will be ordering one to send to the agency! That will be, Lord willing, the final step before this phase is over. It has to be approved by the crisis pregnancy councilor and then we print them all. Then you can stop hearing about them all the time 🙂 Exciting for all of us!

So now that we are in range of “baby could be here soon” I’m trying to figure out baby stuff, again. I always said I’d cloth diaper if I was home with next one. Well here I am, home. A few of the kids I’ve watched have used cloth, so I’m not a total newbie. I have not, however, done the washing and buying. I know I have a lot of friends out there that do or have cloth diapered in one way shape or form. I’m open to a shape or form that it’s strictly one way or the other. So school me people. I need to know the best compromise. What do I do? Where do I buy? What kinds? Laundry? Cleaning? Stripping? Costs and cost effectiveness? Honestly well you’re at it give me your best sales pitch, cause right now the thought of more laundry kinda has me groaning…

10 things i’ve learned at home

So I’ve lost track of how many days into this we are, which is really a testament more to my counting skills…or lack thereof…than the actual amount time that has passed. I do know this, we are rounding out the first month. I have learned some things here at home, I’ve decided to share, briefly, yes it is possible.

Here goes.

1. Sleep is not an option for this job, way more necessary than any other job I’ve ever had. I MUST have a good nights sleep or a nap or it’s not pretty.

2. Wearing your hair lots of colors is awesome, dyeing it lots of colors slightly less awesome.

3. I have so much nail polish it’s ridiculous, also I have a hard time deciding on one color.

4. I really do enjoy challenges, I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to finish a day doing something that stretches you.

5. Being caught up on the laundry is pretty cool, doing some form of laundry almost every day of the week, yeah not so much.

6. Having margin in your life rocks as much as all those books said it would.

7. Bottle feeding is for the birds!

8. Babies are cuter than I remembered.

9. This job is way more active than an office job, I’m so out of shape

10. ok maybe I couldn’t think of another at the moment…

I’m interested to see what the six week point will bring. It was the point, with all three children, when I was screaming to go back to work. A few more weeks will tell.

and so it begins

We are on day two of the new job. Day one went swimmingly, like the ideal day you always enjoy, but never expect. I got to read quite a bit, cleaned the kitchen, got two loads of laundry done, and cooked a very yummy dinner (if I do say so myself, and I do). Today, day two, was a bit more difficult, but amazingly fulfilling. I ended the day in one piece, with minimally screaming children, dinner ready to go. It was more tiring, more challenging, but in the end I felt amazingly rewarded for surviving what most people’s looks told me I was crazy to take on. I feel good. We’ll see how day three goes tomorrow.

sexyback#11 and a few other things

First things first, challenge update. I stayed the same this week. Got sick on saturday and exercised not a bit. Looks like the exercise really was helping! Who knew. I’ll be back on it this week, still happy I didn’t lose any ground.

In other news I learned a bit about myself and my family while my big boys were gone.

1) Turns out I’m a clean person, with the state of my house most of the time I would have never guessed it, but I am!

2) When I don’t cook for days I start to get creative and want to cook. I actually made stuffed mushrooms while they were gone, yummy.

3) It is ridiculously easy to keep up with three people’s laundry, I went 5 days in a row without doing a single bit of laundry, because I could, not because I neglected it.

4) I think I raised my voice, once, maybe twice, and only for a moment to get someone’s attention. I never lost my cool and actually enjoyed my kids, for 10 days. I think that is some kind of record, also wondering what I can do to make it more like that all the time.

5)I don’t have many rules. Play nice, don’t whine. I think that about sums it up. Amazingly they seemed better behaved with less rules.

6) I really am an introvert. Who would have thought all those nights alone would have been so enjoyable, certainly not me.

And a totally random bit of news. We finally have real live toy organizers, the kind my husband has been wanting since Jena was born. We didn’t have them because 1) at that point it would have been me putting all them away, not the kids and 2) they are usually 70 bucks a piece, we all know how che, I mean frugal I am. Now that the kids are older, these make much more sense. Then some one at work posted they had 2 to sell for 20 bucks each, it was made to be. I love a good deal, especially one I’ve been looking for.

Minus the big toys that go in the toy box, all the rest are now neat and organized in their little bins. I even have an empty one. Those of us who appreciate organization and order (and we are the majority in this house) are happy.

Behold, I give you…the toy closet.

things i don’t do

I hear people tell me all the time, “I don’t know how you do it all!” Mostly after finding out that I have three kids 4 and under and we both work. I’ve often wondered what these people think I do. I’d venture a guess I do less than they imagine. I’ve been mentally tabulating a list of things I don’t do for the next time I get this comment. However I’ve decided spewing this list on the next unsuspecting person that stumbles upon that magic phrase may not be my best option. So you get it instead.

Things I don’t do (Part 1, like that ambition there)

Windows – even when we had a sliding glass door I didn’t clean it, totally futile in my situation.

Floors – I have amazing childcare that sweeps for me! Mopping does not exist. I also had a roomba for the last 3 years, since we moved I’m trying to figure out how in the world people actually do this regular vaccuuming thing, as of yet, I do not.

Dust – now I do occasionally run my hand across something that is look extra nasty, but that’s about it.

Change sheets – this is done when someone has been sick on a sheet…or a diaper has leaked, but usually only number 2. I know that’s gross, but it’s true. I do change pillow cases more often, like once, sometimes even twice a month!

Wash bedding – like the spreads and stuff, yeah not so much. I did however wash them all when we moved, I guess if we move every few years we’ll be good.

Iron – if something happens to make it in that needs to be ironed, it gets worn wrinkly (kids) or it magically disappears.

Pay bills – everything is on auto pay, those rare weird random bills are generally late.

Clean out the car – yeah I actually found a monstrously huge roach in our car the other day, makes sense, he has a never ending supply of food.

Wash the car – Neil takes the main car through the car wash every few months, the other one never gets washed.

Wake up with my children – after three years of waking up between 5:30-6:30 with our kids Neil’s mother managed to guilt him into getting up with them. Which means he gets up, straps the youngest into his chair and starts a video. Then we both go back to sleep, usually for another hour, sometimes more.

I don’t shop for kids clothes.

Most baskets of clean clothes sit for a few weeks before getting put away.

I don’t clean bathrooms, toilets, occasionally, in the downstairs bath, that’s about it.

We have not had a yard that required maintaining in years, so I no longer do yard work!

Also working means I change virtually no diapers, deal with much less meal times, nap times and toy clean up!

I am now starting to wonder what it is I do all day…

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