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happy birthday #2 to baby #3

Dear Jacob,

Two years ago today you thrust our family out of the American norm of two kids per family. For that we are grateful, who wants to be normal anyway? I’d much rather have you.

one, two, three

You try so hard to keep up with your brother and sister, you want to do everything they do, even things they can’t do. You run circles with them playing monster, and I must say your monster is very impressive, you scare all the little baby girls. You push your little chair around the whole house so you can reach things and ‘help.’ You are on the go.

action shot from our surfer boy

You did decide you were two about two months ago. We hear lots of ME TOO and NOOOO and MYS (mine’s), though you are still fairly quick to correct when I actually correct you. Your little words are pouring out these days, most people still think you’re talking baby babble, but we know what you mean. My favorite thing you say right now is ‘nite mommy,’ every night when I tuck you in. It’s clear as a bell I often wonder if it was one of the other kids, but it’s just my baby boy getting big.

You get so excited to see the bus every morning when we drop off Grant, and then you’re sad when he goes away on it, not consoled until I remind you he’ll be home when you get up from your nap. Then it’s a whole new excitement when we go to get him, you get a bus and Grant! You love to see pains (planes) and birs (birds) anytime we are outside, your excitement is contagious, even your brother and sister find them interesting again when you’re around. You have a smile and laugh that light up a room the same way you’ve lit up our lives.

you light up even dirty rooms

You make me love your daddy more each day. You may look like me (according to some), but you act like him. We all know your sweet little demeanor didn’t come from me. I didn’t know love could be this easy.

We all love you baby boy, mommy, daddy, Gant, and Nena.

Happy second birthday.

blowing out the birthday candles






my titles suck lately

It’s thursday! Do you know what that means yet? Time for a challenge update. 1.5 LBs down this week! Woo hoo, back on track. I think I finally hit my exercise goals this week. Two workouts with the kinect trainer and two walks, I could majorly feel the difference. I’m also sore, feels good. As for eating out, I don’t think we ate out once this week. We are rocking.

On to more important things. I have been meaning to write my little angel a letter lately and after writing it in my head for the past month, I am finally putting pen to paper…you know…in the figurative sense. Here goes.

Dear 22 months and 2 days,

Even though you are almost two, you are still my little baby. From your scraggly baby hair to your limited vocabulary you still retain babiness, I am enjoying it. A few months ago you exited my favorite stage and entered what had been my least favorite. I say had because once again you’ve changed all I know about parenting. Some day you need to thank your brother and sister for being such difficult strong willed 2 year olds, they really set you up for sainthood. I am still in awe of you, your fits, when you have them, last all of 3 seconds. You express your frustration and move on, and you don’t even get frustrated that often. You are still your happy go lucky, easy going self, you amaze me.

You have decided it is time to start trying this talking thing. It’s probably been about a month since you turned parrot. You don’t always know what to say when you need it, but you can repeat most of what we say if we ask you to, and you’re so easy going you’ll even do it almost every time we ask you! (can you tell that was not our previous experience with new talkers…) I taught you the sign for please a few months ago, it was taught to get you to stop screaming and tugging my legs when you wanted to be picked up. You picked it up right away and about a month ago decided you could use your mouth to say it too. You now walk around the house saying please for everything, which sounds more like peeeaas! I find it absolutely adorable that I have the most polite almost two year old on the planet…even if it has slightly backfired as I no longer know what you are saying please for anymore…you literally use it for everything. You’ve also decided we are mommy and daddy, instead of mama and dada. The cutest part is that you have added y’s to most of your other words too, including wawa. It took me 2 days of serious frustration for you to realize you’d turned wawa into wawey. It still makes me laugh, it’s too cute.

You play nicely for the most part with other babies, another marvel. As long as someone asks you please you willingly give up almost anything you are playing with. Now if they forget the please, well that’s a different story we won’t tell right now. You are even fairly good at asking please for a toy before grabbing it, like I said, please is your favorite word right now. Though it is closely followed by thank you, the next sign you learned. You also say that one with your mouth too, though it is a bit garbled. What took me 2 years (ok maybe not quite that long, but it felt that way!) to teach your brother and sister you picked up in a week. You say thank you whenever you are given something, spontaneously most of the time and always when prompted. I would like to attribute this to my amazing parenting skills. However, once your siblings caught this one they got it down and I believe it is really a result of peer pressure. Which has gotten a really bad rap all these years, it can be used for good! Poor peer pressure, unjustly judged you have been…whoa yoda moment.

I also night weaned you this month. That has been an interesting process. You are still waking up asking to nurse in the second half of the night. You will go back to sleep when I tell you too, but you are up again shortly after. I have felt like I have a new born again this week. Oh I know what happened! You knew you had a little friend born this week! This is sympathy wakings isn’t it? You are so sweet, but you can stop now, really it’s ok. The gesture is appreciated though, I’m sure, by someone, somewhere…I’ll stop now.

I love you so much it feels like it will burst out of my body sometimes. I am enjoying watching you grow into a big boy.



all grown up

Dear Grant,

I’m not really sure when it happened, I swear just yesterday you were whining to me about something totally inconsiquential like a complete baby, but this afternoon, you acted all grown up. Not in the self important, you think you’re big now, but in the quiet mature, wow you really are big now.

I picked you up from school and you calmly, yet happily came to give me a hug. The teacher didn’t have to tell you not to run at all. You looked peaceful and happy and rested. You were no longer missing your nap, practically dragging by the end of the day. You sat in your seat and carried on an actually conversation with me, paying attention. It was not filled with ‘what?’ ‘huh?’ and ‘i don’t know’ as you spaced off into the distance. I got real answers and a big boy smile.

I’m proud of you kid, you’re a good kid, and I’m really happy for days like this when I can see it so clearly. Because it really was yesterday when you were whining about nothing and it will be tomorrow again too. But the big boy is shinning through these days, and I think he’s pretty great.

Love you,


sixteen months…tomorrow

Dear Sixteen Months,

Hi! How are you? What? No! I come in peace! Please. Stop. The. Screaming. I’m not going to hurt you! Come back! I’d like to make a deal! I just want my little boy back. You know the one? He lived here just a few weeks ago? Do you remember him? Yes?! You do!? Great!

Well I’d like him back. Can we trade? I’ll throw in yogurt and your sister’s microphone.

I liked the little garbage disposal that smiled at everything and listened without a fuss when I said no. The one that didn’t scream a scream to wake the dead every time I walked out of the room or took my phone from or put in the car or took out of the car or looked at funny. The one that wasn’t quite so adept at things like climbing onto chairs, and then tables, and then throwing himself off.

I’m not ready for you, Mr. Sixteen months. You think your big stuff, but you have no words only screaming frustration when I can’t accurately ascertain the inner workings of your toddler mind. You climb, you scream, you defy me. What? He was my little angel, he did no wrong. Who are you!?

Just to get things straight, I love you too. I’m just anxious to get away from you at times these days, did I mention the screaming? I think I may have.

I’m ready to negotiate a release of your captive. Call me. You know on that iPhone of mine you so love to, uh, rearrange for me.

Slightly stressed and ready to make a deal,



Dear Vacations,

Vacations you rock. I may venture to say you make life worth living. There are those that would feel that is taking it to far so I suppose it could be modified to say at the very least you make living life feel possible again. You take the lead out of my step and the knots out of my neck. Your ability to turn our 2:3 adult:child ratio to a more favorable number on the adult side is a win in all directions. I’ve even found myself enjoying the weather, the formly deplorable, hot, humid weather. I’ve been told it is still hot and humid, but when you’re at the beach or sailing, it just feels right. Maybe that’s what hot and humid was made for! I’ve had an epiphany! I hearby declare all hot and humid days must be spent at the beach or on a boat. Vacations I feel you will support.

As much as I’d like to continue this tribute to you, I must desist. I am obligated to continue to enjoy myself, and right now I feel like sleeping. So as I know you would want me to do, I am off to bed. Carry on with your awesomeness. I will be with you again tomorrow.


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