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moving on up…the street

We’re moving! The end of a stressful crazy housing saga will be coming to a close in just a few short weeks. But I have not been blogging in oh forever so let me back up.

Before the holidays (read MONTHS ago) we were having dinner with my parents. My dad was talking about how he wants to diversify his retirement, stocks suck, property good, something official, like that. One thing leads to another and they are asking, since we currently rent, would we rent from them?

At this point alarms are going off for the wiser, more experience lot of which I will now count myself. But past tense us gave it little thought before saying sure, why not? Oh I don’t know, because looking for housing is a nightmare, looking in the foreclosure/short-sale market is a special breed of insane, pleasing 7 different people with one home is virtually impossible, the area we live in is blowing up right now, and I really didn’t want to move AGAIN. Yeah those might possibly work for a few why nots. Those did not become apparent however, until months into this process when I am beyond stressed out dragging umtine kids to look at places left and right that were nice, but I felt guilty I could not make “it.” But it doesn’t matter now, because this morning an offer was finally accepted! And it’s NOT a foreclosure or short-sale so an acceptance actually means something!

We are moving about 5 units up the street from our current place. I am losing a bit in the kitchen, I like our current floor plan better, and it has oak cabinets everywhere (that will be changing eventually!), but I am gaining a balcony and a garden tub and extra space in the kids’ bedroom and even a bit of a lake view, which will trump the upcoming construction this place is slated to get across the street. Neil has always liked that floor plan better, and happy wife happy life! But, you know, the man version…I couldn’t think of anything catchy. Nothing rhymes with husband…busband, rusband, loveland! Wow that was special. Moving on.

I haven’t got to the best part, it’s move in ready. I mean it’s painted and upgraded and significantly cleaner than this place! It looks like no one ever even used those bathrooms, and there’s no fingerprints or scuffs on the lower portions of every wall…is that what houses with adults only look like?

I am so relieved it’s all over, the move seems like nothing compared to the search. Now that it’s over we are very grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to the move. There really was a win-win out there.

I am a bit puzzled as to how you do this type of move though. I’m not exactly experienced with in neighborhood moves. Do you rent a truck for a move up the street? Borrow some pick ups? Create an assembly line? Walk it down? I suppose we’ll find out! Anybody have a longtime dream of becoming a mover? I have an opportunity for you, and I’ll even feed you..something. It will hopefully be the last time for a very long time.

so I’m not allowed to be responsible…

I keep getting asked what’s the status on the move. So here it is.

We’re not moving.

Last weekend or maybe the weekend before…time gets away. After another day attempting to find a place to live Neil and I started talking again about the whole situation. We’ve both been praying since my job change about what we were going to do, how we were going to make this work, moving seemed like the most responsible solution. Right? Wrong.

God told me to stop being so responsible.

Now before you go off quoting verses at me, let me qualify. We are fiscally responsible people, we got ourselves out of debt, save for retirement and contribute to an emergency fund, you know your typical Dave Ramsey stuff. We are not where I would like us to be, but there is really no end to how responsible I would like us to be. I feel like God told me, we are responsible enough, something else needs to take priority, like relationships. We have just met some of the neighbors in the last few months since school started, the kids are making friends, Grant has just adjusted to school, and we have friends here too. Relationships.

I’ve also felt God telling me I need to trust in him more than my emergency fund. What was that God? Aren’t you an American graduate of financial peace university? Oh…you’re not? Well that puts a different spin on things. So we’re trusting God, who has miraculously made ends meet for the last three months now, and I’m a little bit nervous and a lot bit excited to see how he’s going to continue to do so for the next year.

So even though I am still not entirely comfortable with it, we both feel at peace. And I’ve found that I do agree with God, in this case, relationships are definitely worth paying for…just not in a creepy doll housish way or anything.

So here’s to relationships and staying put!

ps. I’m not a Dave Ramsey hater, I really do appreciate his advice! All I’m saying is in a God vs. Dave Ramsey match, God wins, I think Dave would agree.

God ever told you to do something counter cultural? How did it work out? I could really use a few good stories right now.

and the search is on

Spent part of the weekend looking for a new place to live, again. It is reminding me of all sorts of things, how different my preferences and priorities in housing are from my husband’s, how many places there are to choose from, how little I actually like this process.

Still praying about what we are to do, rent, buy, stay. Neil is on the stay side, he likes the burbs, the house, the no commute, but he is also not going to put the family in a precarious financial position to do so. I’m on the move out somehow side, leaning toward rent at the moment. Neil likes the nice places, newer, ready-made, and I’m dying for something with unrealized (yet) potential. Neither of us are really sure what the next step is, so many things to factor in, including school zones and preschools now too. It’s just one more unknown in this journey of life. Prays for direction are always appreciated.

the inner workings of the scary mind

I’ve been head blogging again! This usually happens when I’ve got too much going on to take the time to share or I’ve got tons to share and have no idea if any of it’s allowable on the internet. Most of these have been the later. Lots has been going on in our family in the job realms, which is an area I try to stay away from if I can. So generally those things get processed on my own, with out my little group therapy, did you all forget that’s really what you are?

Here is where I intended to break my own rule. In fact I wrote the whole post and everything, and deleted it. Let’s just suffice it to say I’m in transition, lots of them, Neil is in transition, huge ones and we just had a kid start school this week. I feel like my life is in a whirlwind. I like the breeze, but it would be nice to know if my house is still standing down there someday soon.

I’m also having a hard time with the move, yes again. You probably didn’t even know I was doing good with it for a while. Unless you just amazingly inferred it due to the lack of whining and complaining about the suburbs in recent posts. There are a number of nice things about them. I still love my 7 minute commute to work, and I still feel we did the right thing moving here when we did. It brought the space we needed for the time we were in. Doesn’t stop me from missing our old home/neighborhood/way of life.

This recent ‘homesickness’ has made me discover I don’t do well without challenges in my life. I feel like everything is too easy right now, the job I’m not going into, our lifestyle, our home, and yet I’m totally stressing out about it all. Our home is gorgeous, spacious, what I’m supposed to want, but it bores me. I want something to improve, to fix, something I can leave my mark on. Of course my first part time paycheck arrives on Friday, hello challenge!

And if you’re reading between the lines, this next line shouldn’t surprise you as much as it surprised me. We are actually considering buying again. I’m still in shock to be honest, but it’s true. We’ll see how far we go with it all, but right now we’re looking at moving another 10-15 minutes out of the suburbs toward the city. We’ll be more straddled between our two worlds, close enough to the burbs to still hang out with friends and commute to work easily. Far enough out of the them to get a dirt cheap condo/town-home and be close to family and my entire sense of identity again. I never wanted to pay two mortgages, but it looks like two mortgages, one insanely high one insanely low could work out much better for us than one mortgage and one rent, both more than I want to pay.I have been praying like crazy since we first talked about it, ’cause if Neil really jumps on this, that whirlwind I mentioned above…not stopping for a year.

This entire posts feels like a walking contradiction (yes it has legs and walks around). I don’t have challenges, but life is in crazy transition. I love my commute, we’re thinking of moving further away. Side note: did I mention it finally dawned on me today that it’s my S.A.D.’s season? I don’t know how many years I’m going to have to go through this before I realize it sooner. I was sitting in the park with the kids today feeling the wonderful breeze from the hurricane and it hit me. This is what my life has been missing the past few months, this is why everything has seemed almost unbearable at times.

Oh fall come soon and fix all the madness.

random updates…yes again

I just finished the taxes! I had to tell that to someone. Every year it seems like a miracle it actually happened. It is always more stress and anxiety than it’s worth. One huge weight off. This was also our last year of easy taxes for awhile, just two w-2s and charitable deductions. Next year will be all the headache of being a landlord, and all that small business filling entails. We’ve been there before, it’s fun, enjoying this year’s 1.5 hour experience, next year will be double I’m sure.


We get to go gluten free around here. There’s another yay! Not! Truthfully, though enormously overwhelmed, I am excited about it. This really feels like it could be a real answer to our years of struggle with Grant’s allergies. He is also very excited his nose is going to stop running soon. Having already had to pull dairy out of multiple family members diets I feel at least somewhat prepared to pull another additive out that is in litterally EVERYTHING.

We went to the store today and stocked the pantry and freezer with staples for Grant, chicken nuggets, sausage, pasta, and bars, all gluten free, and all 4 times as expensive as the regular version. We’ve got a few types of bread, I’ve heard they can taste awful, we tried a couple. He was super pumped at the grocery store though. He is so excited his nose is going to be clear. I suppose I shouldn’t be telling him difinitevely this is going to do it. I mean I really don’t know, we think and the doctor agrees, that his symptoms are classic for a gluten intolerance. So I’ve been telling him he gets to eat a bunch of new food that his nose will like and he is excited. He was thrilled to get colored curly rice pasta and gluten free chocolate chip nut bars, and peanut butter gluten free cereal and gluten free bagels, all for him! Hope is more likely to heal him than despair regardless and we all, including him, have been in despair about the whole ordeal lately.

Let’s hope he actually likes most of it. The plus side of a kid who is perpetually stuffed up is he will eat a lot of things most 4 year old won’t (IMO), I mean it’s not like he’s really tasting it anyway. Let’s hope that part stays even when he’s clear. I have more hope than I have had in a while, he will be clear.


So the new house, yeah, been meaning to say stuff about that. I feel like we’re pretty settled in. I’ve got curtains to hang in the kid’s room and guest room yet, but I have plans to do them tomorrow! Hanging the curtains in our bedroom a few weeks ago helped ease my mourning of our old place significantly. It was much more intense than I had anticipated, the mourning that is. I loved, still do, our old place. It does ease my mind some that it is still ours. I still miss it, especially the location, any time I leave to go shopping. The kids are adjusting, though Jena told me again this morning she wants to go back home, to our other home. I only hear things about the old house every now and then, these days, from the kids.

I have plans to do a things I like about the new place vs things I miss about the old place post. We’ll see if it happens. In the meantime I’ll leave you with coat closets are the most awesome thing ever, I love living in a two story as much as I always thought I would, and I’m so glad we had a spot for my swing.


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