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5 steps to an awesome birthday party – when you’re old

1. Pick a theme! Themes are all the rage!


2. Make your friends do something mildly out of most of their comfort zones – like dress up or go home!

What you lookin' at neighbors, everything's perfectly normal here!
What you lookin’ at neighbors, everything’s perfectly normal here!

3. Make sure you are way out of their comfort zone

I would have given anything to see Bycemaster in this get up. Aaron man, you rocked it.
I would have given anything to see Bycemaster in this get up. Aaron man, you rocked it.

4. Have friends who have no comfort zone to make it awesome

He was wearing BIRD SKULLS! This guy totally and completely rocked. You gotta have a bird skulls guy.
He was wearing BIRD SKULLS! This guy totally and completely rocked. I’m having a party, who’s gonna be my bird skulls guy?

5. Be from somewhere else, then you can do whatever you want and just blame it on that.

I'm from New Zealand mate!
I’m from New Zealand mate! (photo by Ken Cochrum)

Bycemaster and I had a great time celebrating your birthday mate, thanks for throwing a super fun party and making someone *cough cough* Bycemaster *cough cough* dress up and have fun with me!

Here’s a few more photos just for fun!

I know I'm a city girl, but seriously what is that? Besides male, we know it's male...
I know I’m a city girl, but seriously what is that? Besides male, we know it’s male…
First time I turn around Bycemaster is getting pictures with the Saloon girl!
First time I turn around Bycemaster is getting pictures with the Saloon girl!
Retaliation. Posing with the Sheriff.
Connie is way better at this posing thing than me. Cannot keep a straight face!
Ready for our own Netflix original mini series now
I couldn’t help myself, I have found my new desktop wallpaper


It’s still Monday! I didn’t forget! Well I did forget, but I remembered again before it was technically too late. We’re calling this a solid WIN.

I just spent 30 minutes dancing with my daughter to all her favorite picks on Dance Central. My word, she likes the active ones that make you get low to the ground. It’s a little harder to get that low when you’re so much higher off the ground kiddo! I’m skipping any other work out today. It is finished. But it did succeed in waking my brain up enough to remember this, so it’s all good.

Quick adoption update! Not much has changed, still sick of talking about this photobook, hopefully not much longer. We are through with the first round of edits. We had to take a few more pics, add some more verbiage and just shuffle a bit. Over all the editor really liked it. I have a few more things to go over that I received in an email this morning and then tonight I will be ordering one to send to the agency! That will be, Lord willing, the final step before this phase is over. It has to be approved by the crisis pregnancy councilor and then we print them all. Then you can stop hearing about them all the time 🙂 Exciting for all of us!

So now that we are in range of “baby could be here soon” I’m trying to figure out baby stuff, again. I always said I’d cloth diaper if I was home with next one. Well here I am, home. A few of the kids I’ve watched have used cloth, so I’m not a total newbie. I have not, however, done the washing and buying. I know I have a lot of friends out there that do or have cloth diapered in one way shape or form. I’m open to a shape or form that it’s strictly one way or the other. So school me people. I need to know the best compromise. What do I do? Where do I buy? What kinds? Laundry? Cleaning? Stripping? Costs and cost effectiveness? Honestly well you’re at it give me your best sales pitch, cause right now the thought of more laundry kinda has me groaning…

time to do it

I’m here, sitting down to do this thing like I said I would. One problem, I’m sick of talking about this photobook, and I don’t know what else to talk about.

So here we go, first draft is done. I just need to edit it before it gets sent off for review. Usually editing is my favorite part, I like refining things down to their best, it’s what I do. I don’t know what’s wrong with me now, but I don’t want to do it, I mean really don’t want to do it. I put it at the top of my list this morning and have instead worked up from the bottom doing everything but the writing I am currently doing and the photobook. I’ve got laundry going, kitchen cleaned, crockpot going, workout done, bills done. I even finished my current reading book AND got a shower, in the morning (showers in the AM hours do not happen for me). My avoidance of this task has made me extremely productive! Yay procrastination…wait…that’s not right…

In semi related news, one of my goals for the year was to get the real camera out at least once a month and just take pictures with it. When I first bought it almost 5 years ago (you can read about those trying circumstances here) I fancied myself a bit of a photographer. I used it all the time, I got some photos I really love (like the one in the post above), and then life got busier and I started looking at all these real photographers photos and I just got discouraged and stopped. Its been years, and that super special meaningful camera has caused me nothing but guilt as it’s sat their literally collecting dust…like cough your brains out when you try to touch it kinda dust. Possibly another reason it wasn’t getting touched…

But this year I made the goal tangible, once a month. Instead of my usual vague, take more pictures (gee I don’t know why that wasn’t working..). I also gave myself permission to not be a professional and still like what I take. Besides just like writing and running and pretty much anything, you don’t stumble on the good ones without a lot of bad ones.

I didn’t end up using the picture below in the book, but it did come out of one of our neighbhood park sessions last week. I know how some people get nervous with climbing, not what I was trying to provoke! It was completely kid prompted (mom take a picture of us!) and their happy faces show it! I am super pleased with it.


Look at that. Guess I did have something to talk about.

short and super sweet

decided to do photo book work before the blog this morning. Good for the book! Bad for the blog. The book is moving, captions and letter portions are all drafted, I have pages and pages and pages of pictures. It’s very odd creating something that is supposed to capture the essence of who you are as a family. I work my way through all these categories we’ve been given and then I sit back and look at it. And it still doesn’t show all about us and our personalities…and the search for more photos commences…again. I have a feeling my inner perfectionist may be peaking her slumbering head back up for this…and I’m ok with that…if she doesn’t take longer than this week to wrap things up!

Anyway I’m off to our neighborhood park, to finally get those pictures! It’s a beautiful day out there, and the kids messed up time changed little bodies won’t get hungry for an extra hour today. Bonus time! Off we go!

Oh almost forgot! How could I forget?!? We received a completely unexpected, overly generous check for the adoption fund from a wonderful family, you know who you are! Thank you for being an answer to prayer, it made me cry, the timing could not have been more perfect, I’m humbled to be on the receiving end of such generosity and it is a good place to be. We are so excited and encouraged to see how God is going to provide the rest 🙂

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