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5 ways to know it’s training season

it’s time to train for this years half marathon! Disney is NOT happening again, but the Lake Nona one was smaller and easier and overall wonderful. It was also the first inaugural run, kinda feels like the start of a tradition to me. Even if this time of year I question why I run. I can’t believe I do this to myself. I’m pretty sure that I’m crazy every time I come back. It just gets better from here. It is amazing to me the shift that occurs when a training schedule clicks in.

1. There is no more “I should run today”

It’s on the calendar. It is happening. They are scheduled in and around.  I run in the heat. I run in the rain. If I can make it through the rain filled frozen hell that was Wine and Dine, I can make it through a little training run in some rain.

2. I run in the morning.

Should anyone be deceived, I am not a morning person. I do not wake up early voluntarily. My preferred sleep hours would be somewhere around 1am-10am. My body, society and life in general has not appreciated or allowed my preferred hours. I I have adapted as best I can. This has not made me a morning person. But if we have plans in the evening, as we often do, runs must happen in the morning. If it’s training season, they will, morning person or no.

3. The miles start racking up!

The beginning of the training schedule is still mostly low mileage runs. Consistency however is even better than longer runs. Those miles just start piling on and the goal actually moves into site. It’s pretty exhilarating.

4. My house smells vaguely of a locker room, pretty much always.

I already have boys. We already live outside, a lot. Bycemaster is on another workout kick himself and now I’m training. Sweat stinks. My bathroom has sweaty clothes in it. The laundry room has sweaty clothes in it. Also, in Florida summers especially, running clothes don’t ever really lose that smell. Can I get a witness here? Ok, for those of you about to tell me your magic way to get smells out. I CAN get it out, if I put a lot of extra work into it. I know how, it’s been done. I also know that is way too much work for clothes that are just going to smell again 5 minutes after they’re put on. There are designated sweaty clothes, that’s all they’re used for. They’re just going through once people, and not in the 2 hour cycle.

5. I start feeling really good.

Regular exercise is awesome, no matter what you’re doing. I would highly recommend it, walking, yoga, whatever you can do is awesome! But even more awesome is exercise when working toward a goal. I love goals, they fuel my life. Exercise goals are just a double win.

So what goals are you guys working towards? Anybody else training for something? 5K? Half? Full? (you crazy people you, but you go!) If you don’t have any goals currently…what do you want? What goals can you set? I should really write a post on goals, good goals, real goals, not wishes…I seriously love them. They are awesome.

quick update – things i wanted to post

Stuff has been going on around here, and lots of it. Which is why you’ve been hearing nothing. Makes sense, right? Here’s a quick update.

Jacob’s standing, pulling up on everything, including the pack ‘n play. You remember that commercial for the panic button for old people? The one where the old lady falls and says the classic line ‘Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’ We have the reverse around here. Jacob pulls up on the couch, the chairs, the bed, any person he can find and then starts whining. Which is his version of ‘Help I’m standing and I can’t get down!’

On a not even remotely related note, guess who’s eating dairy these days? Oh yeah baby, that’s me. I’ve tried every kind of cheese imaginable so far and will soon branch to milk and butter, but so far no negative reactions from Jacob. I feel extremely strange just being able to eat whatever everyone else is eating and instead of going out and eating an entire pizza like I thought I would people have almost had to force me to eat dairy. I can’t get over the fear that I still might damage my child, that maybe a little is ok, but a lot could still hurt him. We’re still in the beginning stages of this dairy reentry though, I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Dairy. Jacob. Poop. Potty. Jena! (like the path my brain took to get here, it was a logic jump for you too…right?) Jena has also gone on the potty three days in a row now.  I take absolutely no credit for this as I have avoided potty training her like the plague. I actually took away the potty until recently because I didn’t want her to sit on it all the time anymore. Such an encouraging parent I am! But she just sits down and goes, like she’s got the thing all figured out. I sure hope she’s right, I’m stealing the diaper this weekend and we’ll see how she does. Oh to be down to one kid in diapers, just one, could it really happen? I can barely hope.

Grant was also registered for VPK yesterday! Hurray! I am decidedly more excited than he is, but he will warm to it, I’m convinced, he has no choice. In the meantime he’s too concerned with his impending birthday. He’s turning 4, already! I’ve been ‘working’ on his birthday video for months and still have over a year’s worth of picture to weed through to even start it. I have two weeks left, we’ll see how it goes. I’m still open for song suggestions, my only requirement is that it must be 15 mins long, so I can fit all these pictures in it.

And that’s all I got for you.

why is my rug wet…

so we took Grant’s diaper away a couple months ago. Mommy just got sick of it and decided no more.  He did great. I was amazed and a bit chagrined (like that big word?) that I hadn’t taken it away earlier. We were down to only two in diapers. The Grant’s recent bout with allergies started (don’t get me started) and he started wetting the bed at night.

lots of blah blah blah not important stuff I don’t have the energy to get into right now, and we’re up to present day. Grant occasionally wets the bed, but on those nights he actually changes his own pants and goes back to sleep. But the majority of the time, he’s fine.

So three days ago I get out of bed and as I’m walking out of the room I step on a wet spot on our rug. That’s strange my tired brain thinks, but goes no further. I start getting ready, wake up a bit, go to the kids room to get their clothes out and step on another wet spot on their rug. hmmm…what’s that, I wonder. I look around the room and find a discarded pair of underwear in the corner, still damp. So I figure this pair sat on the rug last night instead of in the dirty clothes, that’s why their rug is wet. Case closed.

The next morning comes, I go into their room to get their clothes again, and step on another wet spot on their rug. This time I find no underwear any where in the room. I put them to bed last night and I know that Grant is wearing the same underwear and pjs this morning that he was the night before. I ask him if he had an accident anyway, check his underwear to see if they’re wet, his sheets aren’t wet, he’s insistent he didn’t have an accident that night. I can’t figure it out. I tell Neil. He thinks maybe Jena’s diaper leaked. I check her, and it’s not that. Jacob was in our room all night, so it wasn’t him. We know for sure the cats were both out that night too….what could it be?

Then we have last night. I’ve already gone to bed. Neil is still up, it’s about midnight. All of a sudden the kids’ door opens and Grant peeks out, sees Neil and closes the door. Neil jumps up and goes in the kids’ room, but he’s not fast enough. When he opens the door he finds a wide awake little boy with his pants down using his rug as his own personal john.

And if that’s not bad enough, tonight when we were watching Wall-E together on the couch after dinner he runs into his room and starts peeing on his rug again! There wasn’t anyone in the bathroom, he had no sleep brain excuses, what is the deal?!?!

I’m not sure which is worse, repeatedly changing and washing sheets from a kid who still has accidents or having a kid beyond having accidents intentionally peeing on your rugs! I had a cat like him once, would only pee on throw rugs. We switched her from an inside cat to an outside cat.

I’ve got an unused tent and sleeping bag in the storage area kid…I’m just saying.

it’s potty time

Jena’s at that age. You know the one I’m talking about. That age when everyone starts dishing their free unsolicited potty opinions. She’s old enough now. She’s ready. You should really try now. Don’t you think it’s about time. They don’t give advice, they don’t tell you how to do it. They tell you their kid did it by themselves or is still not potty trained and he’s EIGHT. Neither of those really helps me.

To be honest, I have been dreading potty training Jena. She’s a girl and a second child by all the stories I’ve heard she should have spontaneously potty trained herself by now. I really think these parents of multiple children have just blocked this part of their memories, because the rest of us know it really is THAT BAD.

Not that I haven’t given it a half hearted try here and there. Always careful to not really expect anything and get my hopes up. So far she’s learned to not pee with no diaper on, she can hold it for a few hours even. But nothing in the potty, she justs waits for the diaper. She loves to sit on the potty, and I am no help there. I short circuit her efforts repeatedly because I don’t have the patience to wait for nothing.

Then today I get a call at work. Jena has something to tell me.

Jena: I go potty on da potty mommy!

I know it’s dangerous, but I now have hope! I have a dream! I have a dream that one day we will only have one child in diapers, nay that we will have no children in diapers! Yes, that’s right no children in diapers! It’s my dream, and I will dream it! It can happen.

Someday this baby will be replaced by my baby, my diaperless baby, and there will be much rejoicing. yay!

i can’t right now

Scene: I’m changing Jacob in the bedroom and last I walked by Grant and Jena were sitting on their respective potties in the bathroom…

Jena: Con on rant, come pay

Grant: I can’t Jena.

Jena: why?

Grant: I going potty

Jena: why?

Grant: It’s when da poo poo comes outa your butt

Jena: Oh

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