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happy anniversary!

Today marks my one year blogaversary. Yippie! It’s been a fun year for me. I hope you all have had as much fun with it as I have. I know many of you probably are new so I’ve decided to highlight a few of the favorites.

Ok so maybe this one wasn’t a favorite, but it was the first and I felt it fitting. This was the maiden voyage.

This was one of the earliest posts that rivaled newer entries for months afterward. I’m not entirely sure why it’s a favorite, but you guys seem to like it so here it is, u mean you don’t remember things?

To all my pregnant readers. I feel your pain. my you look like you’re about to have that baby!

This seems to be a fan favorite video post, and it’s not of my kids. I will try not to hold that against you. I don’t blame you though, I can’t help but laugh EVERY time I watch or think about it. And I misspelled the title and apparently never fixed it, oh well. Here’s whose the crazy parent now.

Here’s one of your favorites and mine. And since New Moon just came out I find it fitting to add this to the post today. Sorry ladies there’s no Edward Cullen. the new Cullen family.

And finally here is one of my all time favorites. It’s of the kids when Grant was two and a half, Jena was only 10 months old, and we didn’t know we were pregnant with our little Jacob yet. Here’s something I won’t do for years, sleeping in.

site changes and baby appointment!

Before I update you, I need to tell you I worked on the site this weekend. I need you to know this. I spent hours working on it. Notice the nifty tag cloud. I didn’t even know what a tag cloud was, but now I do! It’s that thing in the upper right corner. Click on a word and you have posts about that word, pretty cool huh? I also increased the number of recent posts for those, like myself, who are slightly intimidated by browsing through archives. I also futilely tried a lot of other stuff and frustrated myself to tears, but we won’t get into that. On to the baby appointment!

So today was the first official baby appointment. It went well. I met the other midwife, the nurse-midwife. She apparently has two personalities, the nurse and the midwife. I found this amusing.

The conversations between her personalities went something like this.
You marked postpartum depression, tell me about that.
I tell her about that.

Enter the personalities…
Nurse: We should really get you started on anti-depressants now, they have ones safe for pregnancy and nursing.
Midwife: There’s also evening primrose oil you can start now and continue on after the birth.
Nurse: But really why wouldn’t you want to be on the meds if you could skip all the depression part afterwards?
Midwife: There are some side effects, I felt really out of touch like I was floating and detached for about two weeks.
Nurse: But I’ll just mark it down in your chart.
Midwife: To discuss I mean, I’ll mark it with a question mark.

It comes up that I’m still nursing Jena

Re-enter the personalities…
Nurse: Be careful with that.
Midwife: Not that you can’t tandem, I mean I did it too.
Nurse: But if you start having cramps or bleeding let us know.
Midwife: You know this you’re educated, it will be fine, people do it all the time.
Nurse: Just keep an eye out for it.
Midwife: As you continue nursing through this pregnancy.

I’ve never had someone argue with themselves for me. I think I like this midwife too, multiple personalities and all.

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