It’s Publix car carts again. They never cease to amuse me. I’ve gotten over my annoyance. I am quite the expert at driving them now, if I do say so myself. Plus they HAVE TO walk you to your car and put away your groceries if you use one.  Are they actually scared someone would try to steal one? The very thought makes me laugh. Can you imagine seeing someone walk down the road with one of those puppies. WATCH OUT! COMING THROUGH! I bet even the real cars would move…Ok so maybe people would steal them.

Anyway people make some strange comments when you have one of these. Here’s a few for your reading pleasure.

‘beep beep beep’ (from an ADULT)

‘you need a special license to drive those things’ (I assumed he was referring to Grant, and not insulting my expert car cart driving skills)

‘I am SO GLAD I did not have to ride in one of THOSE carts’ (from a child that looked about EIGHT, do people really put eight year olds in carts?)